What is MobiDes?

The project "MobiDes" started with the mobile disinfection sluice. The basic idea behind the sluice is The following: Where many germ-contaminated objects or persons are present, infections and diseases must be contained. Disinfection is a Hygiene measure that serves to kill or inactivate viruses, pathogens, germs or bacteria. Due to the current corona pandemic in Europe disinfection is not only indispensable in medical practices and clinics. Preventively, for example, in front of clinics, care facilities and companies.

The mobile disinfection sluice can be placed at short notice and almost anywhere.

The system is available in different versions - according to your needs. The MobiDes is therefore suitable for almost every situation. "With our solutions, we would like to contribute to reducing the risk of infection and to increase the "extra" safety of our customers. ", says managing director Peter Kenkel. The product portfolio of MobiDes GmbH not only includes the mobile disinfection sluice, but also another interesting product with which you can disinfect while walking. What exactly is hidden behind this idea? Surface and room disinfection does not have to be time consuming! The MobiDes togo3 combines the successfully used components of the Volume disinfection now also in the mobile version - the battery-powered MobiDes togo3. "Where many people meet, contaminated objects are left behind," says Peter Kenkel: "Whether in the canteen, the train, the meeting room, the corridor or the WC." The application possibilities of MobiDes togo3 know no limits. By means of finest fogging the disinfectant as a "cloud of mist" objects and kill or inactivate the pathogens. MobiDes togo3 can be started directly, uncomplicated and user-friendly on site. Fast and effective!


Are you still looking for the right components for your hygiene concepts or do you find our products attractive? Then you are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with advice and practical support on the subject of disinfection.