Disinfection room MobiDis

Disinfection is a hygiene measure that is used to kill or inactivate viruses, pathogens, germs or bacteria. Indispensable due to the current corona pandemic. The mobile disinfection room can be placed at short notice and almost anywhere.

MOBIDIS: Disinfection by spray mist

Where many sick and germ-laden people* are gathered together in one area, it is important to contain infections and diseases. The disinfection is a hygienic measure, which helps to kill or inactivate viruses, pathogens, bacteria and germs. Through the current Corona Pandemic, the whole-body disinfection is not only indispensable in medical practices and clinics. The mobile disinfection container can be placed almost everywhere in a short amount of time.


  • Disinfection in the nebulization system
  • Room system with two integrated hygiene locks
  • Pump unit
  • Spray nozzles for optimal distribution
  • Complete solution, ready for immediate use


Dimensions and technical requirements

  • approx. 6.00m x 2.40m (WxD), optional 3.00m x 2.40m (WxD)
  • Power connection 230V, flat surface

The different variants

You can get the system in five different versions - according to your needs. The MobiDis is therefore suitable for almost every situation.

Variante 1

Variant 1 - Mobile room with two disinfection areas

The room system has two integrated disinfection areas. The disinfection can be started at the same time, whereby the disinfection can take place independently of each other in both areas. The black area is the non-disinfected area. First, the people* gather in the black area and pass into the hygiene lock in the disinfection area. There the spray disinfection takes place at the push of a button in only 30 - 40 seconds, then the disinfected people* leave the room via the exit in the disinfection area to the white area.

Variante 2
Image: GS Glovebox Systemtechnik

Variant 2 - Contactless investigation

  • Separation with disinfection area and examination lock (here saliva samples or similar can be taken from a person through a glass partition with a glove system) - contactless
  • Entrance through the black area
  • Right disinfection area - for taking samples through the glove system
  • Left disinfection area - disinfection from 30 - 40 seconds (max. 4 people*)
  • Exit through the white area on the left
Variante 3

Variant 3

One disinfection area - disinfection from 30 - 40 seconds (max. 4 people*). Procedure like variant 1.

Variante 4

Variant 4

Disinfection lock / continuous disinfection. Duration of passage of 30 - 40 seconds while the person* walks slowly through the lock.

Variante 5

Variant 5 - Disinfection lock for packages / objects

Transport takes place via a taxiway (on site) or by manually loading the objects.

Important note

If people use the MobiDis, the approved disinfectant must be used. The respective operator must take care of this himself. In addition, please ensure proper protection of the eyes, mucous membranes and the respiratory tract.

*if approved disinfectants are used. As a precaution, breathing masks and safety glasses are to be worn.

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